It's Not Just a Tree. It's Hope.

By Alex Gramling,


If your house is like mine, you are already inundated with Christmas catalogs. The calendar may say October, but retailers have turned their focus toward holiday selling.

I know many of our families are already thinking about the holidays and feel stress because of it. Several of our partner agencies begin matching their clients to Christmas gifts in early October.

Parents tell us that, of course, they are grateful for the assistance, but they also struggle with feelings of inadequacy and a sense that they should be doing more for their children. Christmas catalogs and our culture of consumerism only add to the pressure.

Our gift to these parents, a Christmas tree, hopefully helps relieve some of that pressure.

It also lets our families more fully participate in the traditions of the season. As Latasha says in the testimonial video below, “You feel normal. You get to celebrate like everyone else.”